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Chicago Business Systems Expert for Wedding Professionals, Serving Clients Everywhere

What is Boda Bliss, anyway?

Over here, we’re all about aligning your business with your values and infusing your work with your personal identity, which is why we leaned into our own Latina roots with our own brand name. We want the same for you. Together, we’ll dig deep to find your passion your unique value, and to build systems that allow you to showcase that passion to your clients and the industry as a whole. 

Boda is Spanish for “wedding”, and it’s our deep passion to help you put the bliss - the peace and passion - back in your business. 

The truth is, even our experience is strategic.

With a background as a wedding planner for four years, I get the ins and outs of the wedding industry—lingo, trends, and those busy seasons.

My journey spans project management, accounting, and business operations, bringing a mix of skills to the table.

Unlike the usual business consultants, we're your one-stop shop. From being your strategic guide as a CEO to rocking project management, lending a hand virtually, and even getting your voice on podcasts, we cover all angles of growing your wedding business.

real talk:
Systems are about making space for your dreams to come true.


Cinthia here, your proud Latina pal and first-generation entrepreneur! Ever since I was knee-high, I dreamed of running my own show—something special, impactful, and downright pride-worthy. Fast forward to today, and I'm doing just that, especially in the wonderful world of weddings.

Just like you, I never quite fit the corporate mold. After a stint in the "blah" world of offices, I took a leap into the enchanting realm of weddings, and guess what? No regrets! From wedding planner to OBM, I've found my groove, working alongside incredible professionals and witnessing their whirlwind businesses transform into smooth-operating machines.

Unpopular opinion: overnight success is a myth in the wedding world

Behind every "overnight success" story are countless hours of hard work, learning experiences, and a commitment to continuous improvement. It's a journey, not a sprint. Understanding this allows you to embrace the process, learn from each step, and appreciate the growth that comes with time.

The reality:

Let's talk about an unpopular opinion that I believe is crucial for your journey: The myth of overnight success. In an industry filled with dazzling moments and picture-perfect weddings, it's easy to get swept up in the idea that success happens in the blink of an eye.

Success in the wedding world is often portrayed as an instantaneous phenomenon. However, the reality is that building a thriving business takes time, dedication, and strategic planning. It's about laying a solid foundation, tweaking the details, and evolving with intention.

As your System Strategist & OBM, my approach is rooted in the belief that sustainable success is built on a foundation of well-designed systems, strategic planning, and a genuine connection with your unique vision. Let's debunk the myth together and craft a roadmap for your enduring success.

My commitment to you:

There’s magic in systems. 

I believe in the magic of connecting with your clients. Even though systems might sound a bit cold, I see them as the heart of caring for your clients. It's all about putting in that extra effort to ensure they feel cared for and truly cherished. Let's build bridges together, connecting you and me and creating lasting bonds with your clients.

From being a business manager to donning the hat of a wedding planner and now your Online Business Manager, my journey has been filled with love for making dreams come true.

Away from the hustle, you'll find me immersed in the world of historical fiction and business books. Oh, and I'm a sucker for the good vibes of Friends, Parks & Rec, and The Office. Let's share some book recommendations and binge-watching moments!

Curious to know more about the woman behind the scenes? 


Let me spill the beans on my journey. 

With a background in accounting, office management, and human resources, I've gathered skills like a boss. Think of me as your multitasking maestro—I craft seamless systems, tackle complex projects, and deliver top-notch virtual assistance. These skills? Sharpened over the years through hands-on experience, so I truly get the ins and outs of running a successful wedding business.


Meet Cortney Saggau

My journey began as a wedding planner and floral designer and later a project manager for multimillion-dollar brands. I refined my skills through combining my love for event design and business administration to the online space. 

As a wife, mom to two, and a creative business owner, the corporate setting of project management made me realize how much I love being present at home. This sparked pursuing all my creative endeavors in the online space.

I currently serve other creative business owners with administrative, graphic, and project management support. My highly organized and detail-oriented personality allows me to diligently serve my clients so their businesses can flourish.

Inspired by the morning light and a garden of blooms, I start each large project being inspired by an arrangement. From short-term to long-term business goals, I’m here to support you and your business along the way.


Client Testimonials


I built a successful wedding business while living my best life. Now I’m here to help creative wedding pros like you do the same. From my days as a wedding planner, where I lived and breathed weddings for four amazing years, I've come to know the ins and outs, the ups and downs, and the pure magic that happens when two people say, "I do."

Former wedding planner

I’m a proud Latina who's made the USA her home since the age of 5. I'm all about celebrating the vibrant tapestry of my Mexican roots while soaking in the high-voltage energy of the good ol' USA.


I’ve never stopped learning. I actually took this intense course called DBM Bootcamp – it's all about Team Management, Project Management, and creating Standard Operating Procedures (fancy words for smooth processes). Why? Because I'm dedicated to making sure I'm on top of my game for you.

Life-long learner

My partner-in-crime, Shane, is a Chicago sports fanatic who's got the Bears fever running through his veins! We're a dynamic duo, bonding over Marvel movie marathons, nature walks, and feasts fit for Queens—whether it's scrumptious sushi or a taco fiesta. Our life is simple, and we savor those moments on the couch, basking in the glow of our latest TV discovery.


Our fur family? Anakin, the feline charmer who rules our hearts, and Paloma, our bundle of joy, who brings chaos and cuddles in equal measure.

Cat momma

Life threw me a curveball with a thyroid cancer diagnosis in 2023, but you better believe I'm shimmying through the challenges and chasing my dreams like a true warrior!

Cancer Fighter

My background isn't just about weddings; it's a mix of office management, numbers crunching, and making sure people are taken care of – you know, the real nuts and bolts that keep things running like a well-oiled machine. So, you're not just getting a service from me; you're getting a real partner who's all in, fully committed to making your journey as smooth and successful as possible.

Business Expert

When the work gloves come off, catch me immersed in a captivating book or relishing the hilarious antics of The Office, Parks and Rec, and Friends. I'm an unapologetic Swifty (Reputation is my go-to album!) and a proud member of the Beyhive. And can we talk about my heart's rhythm? It's tuned to the beats of 90s and 2000s rap—Tupac, Eminem, Jay-Z, and Nate Dogg, anyone?

Big Fan of...

Fashion-wise, I'm all about the sophisticated trio of black, gray, and deep blue, but I'm on a mission to sprinkle some sunshine into my wardrobe.


I'm a firm believer in spreading kindness, standing up for equal rights, advocating for those who have less, and giving science a high-five.


Let's virtually clink our glasses to this incredible journey called life, where positivity reigns and every single moment is worth celebrating. Here's to you, to me, and to the fantastic adventure we're on together!



What makes me….. Cinthia!

Our promise to you:

We full-heartedly believe that your Boda Business should have you excited to get up in the morning! Life’s too short to settle for anything less. 

Because friend, your wedding business is so much more than a business; it's a realm filled with dreams, emotions, and moments that last a lifetime. 

We’re able to grasp the rhythm of trends, the pulse of traditions, and the profound emotions that make weddings so special. And our business savvy gives us the knowledge to support you in a high-level, strategic way. 

What propels us forward is witnessing your success, your victories becoming the driving force of our commitment. That's why we offer a comprehensive range of services that span every step of your journey—from the initial sparks of imagination to the day-to-day intricacies of operations. 

We’re here to smooth your path, making your aspirations a reality.

Yet, beyond the strategies and services, it's the connections with incredible clients like you that truly resonate with us. Your stories, dreams, and ambitions are the heartbeat of our work. Together, we’ll embark on a transformative journey, turning your aspirations into tangible achievements and your dreams into a vibrant reality.

Cheers to your success and the extraordinary journey ahead!


Our wedding work

Just a peek into the work I did as a wedding planner! This was part of a wedding expo I organized.

Take a peek into Cinthia’s brain.

You know what lights my fire? Weddings! Not just the vows and flowers (though those are magical too), but the incredible people like you—the ones who bring families together, make dreams a reality, and turn ceremonies into tear-jerking, heartwarming moments. Being part of that? Incredibly rewarding.

So, whether we're crafting efficient systems, managing projects, or providing virtual assistance, I'm here to be your wedding industry wingwoman. Let's join forces, bring your dreams to life, and make your business sparkle in this beautiful world of celebrations.


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